About Us

Since 1962, The Resource Collection has been serving businesses Nationwide and in Canada across a wide variety of market segments. Our best-in-class and now environmentally-friendly facilities maintenance services and business-to-business commitment is a powerfully unified partnership designed to simplify the maintenance of your operations, improve quality, and reduce costs. 

With the Resource Collection, quality assurance is implemented as the keystone to exceptional facility services. Our Quality Maintenance Program provides predictable and repeatable delivery of the highest quality maintenance products and services at the lowest possible costs. 

Our quality assurance platform presents a fully integrated and computerized work management system that prioritizes maintenance activities and intelligently applies both self-performing and subcontracting assets to deliver tailored solutions that are quality driven and cost-effective.

With an in-depth understanding of our clients and their unique facilities maintenance requirements, we implement a preventative maintenance program that not only reduces disruptions and repair costs, but with centrally dispatched service technicians (on call 24x365 days a year), ensures rapid resolutions to emergency incidents that are quality driven and cost-effective

Always keeping you in mind, utilizing our advanced online interface, you can access reports for current and past maintenance activity for your entire facility at any time, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year!